Share your long-ugly wallet addresses to your crush! Wait, impress'em with "fotOne"
FotOne is a best way to share your long annoying wallet addresses with ease. With bunch of simple clicks, You can lanch your "fotone page" and impress your crushes!
We got the most affordable pricing! Just a one doller and ninetynine cents for lifetime with pro things. (Your crushes will love you when they saw your page.)
What is FotOne?
FotOne is a platform for crypto enthusiasts/lovers to share their wallet address with ease. You can choose shortest possible url for share your page with your friends, crush, family and anyone with internet connection and browser.
Why "FotOne" ? Kinda weird name?
It just short and sweet. And also it has a meaning, Fotone is an Itallian word, means Photon. Photon is the quantum of energy of electromagnetic radiation. Read more from Wikipedia.
How many cryptocurrencies supported?
Currently few cryptos supported. Will be added more in future. You can use coinbase wallet username for now, to recive other cryptos.
Which cryptocurrencies supported?
Solana, Bitcoin, Etherium, Status yet. And also you can add matrix url and coinbase wallet username.